Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Readings for October 30, 2011

Hello Everyone, Grace and Peace to you,

This coming Sunday both churches will be celebrating “All Saints Sunday” and we will remember those members who have died in the past year. They are:

GEUMC: Beulah Young, Patsye Jo Denne, Robert Lawrence Meagher, Melvin Paul Jones, and Paul Engel
PUC: Lois Sandberg

Our readings this week are:

Joshua 3:7-17 – Where are the Israelites? Who is their leader now? What does God tell him which he repeats to the Israelites? What are the priests carrying and what are they instructed to do? What happens to the Jordan River? What then do the people do? What is this scene reminiscent of? Note: between this week’s reading and next week’s we will skip all of the death and destruction that the Israelites bring upon the people, like the people of Jericho, who are already living in Canaan.

Psalm 107:1-7, 33-37 (and 38?) – Why is the Psalmist giving thanks (vs. 1)? Who should repeat this thanksgiving (vs. 2)? Where have they come from (vs. 3)? What was the problem of some of the redeemed (vs. 4-5)? What did they do (vs. 6)? What did God do (vs. 6-7)? What does God do for all the people (vs. 33-36)? What do the people do (vs. 36-37)

Micah 3:5-12 – What have the prophets done against the Lord (vs. 5)? What will the Lord do with them (vs. 6-7)? Why (vs. 8)? What have the rulers done against the Lord (vs. 9-10)? Much as the United States has a three part government, President, Legislature, and Judicial, the ancient Israelites have a three part system listed in verse 11. What are they? What have they done and what do they trust? However, what will God do with them (vs. 12)?

Psalm 43 – What is happening to the Psalmist? Who does he trust? What will lead the Psalmist and where will it take him?

1 Thessalonians 2:9-13 – What did Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy do at Thessalonica to lighten the burden of the believers? How was their conduct? What did they do with each believer? What happened when they told the Thessalonians the Gospel? Whose word was it?

Matthew 23:1-12 – In a broad lambast how does Jesus characterize the Scribes and Pharisees at the temple (there are several)? What three things are the followers of Jesus not to be called and why? What will the greatest do? What will happen to the exalted and the humbled?

I pray that these questions lead you into a deeper reading of God’s word.

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