Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I Am - a poem

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

For the last three days I was at a retreat with other clergy as we explored what it means to Lead with Courage. One of the exercises we did was to make lists of people, places and things of our past that describe who we are today. From those lists we were to then find a way to express our past. This is my poem.

I am

I am from Saudi Arabia Germany Florida
Wisconsin North Dakota Oregon
California California California

I have been Bitburg Al Khobar
Klamath Falls Grand Forks
Indian Springs Milwaukee
Modesto Modesto Modesto
Mountain Home
Northfield Deer Creek Eagle Bend

I have seen hangers and helicopters
jets and bombers
forests and deserts and deserts
fields of tulips and hops and corn and rye and mint
Mountains valleys and Crater Lake
dirt roads, paved roads, eight lane highways
foot paths and motorcycle paths

I work with tires and trucks
dishes and cleaning supplies
kids in music and people’s taxes
paying for cattle and truckdrivers
I supervise hire and fire
and make pizza

I eat beets horseradish
blue cheese anchovies
shark and squid
drink coffee beer
wine and cognac

I relate with Archie Shirley Jerry Betty
Dorothy and Evelyn Anna Diana Joe and Christy
Robert-Bob Virginia and Leslie
Megan Jennifer Leighana and Zachary

I am son and nephew
Grandson and uncle
Father and grandpa
Driver and cheerleader
Shoulder and sounding board
Pastor for many
Companion, lover, friend
And Husband to One

I am; I will be
Beloved of God

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