Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Future with Hope - Two Poems

A Future with Hope
       Two Poems

        (Inspired by the poem “The Welder” by Cherrie Moraga.)

The ember is placed
       and glows red, then ash-black
       Then Red

Is there fuel, leaves, bark, wood

Is there nothing

will the ember burst forth
       the fuel catching
       the sparks spreading
              What was an ember becomes
                     for cooking
                     for warmth
                     for companionship around

Or will the fuel turn to ash
       water smothering weight?
              and the ember is naught.

Burn enough ember to catch
       the night and burn bright.

The Tree
       (Inspired by the imagery of "A Future with Hope" sermon series by Marcia McFee.)

The seed was planted or
       a root sent a shoot

The seed was nourished in fertile soil
       the root found its place

The seed-root pushes up and out
       pushes down and deep
       a place to seek sunlight
              water, food

A sapling emerges and grows upward
       spreading out branches
              budding out leaves, growing fruit
       roots finding stability in
              rocks and soil

And to the tree comes life
       sparrows, crows, woodpeckers
       squirrels, chipmunks,
              ants and moths, and spiders
       and life thrives

Is this the place to send new shoots
       to drop new seeds
              to give life to this place?

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