Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Readings for Pentecost Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hello Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I received sad news yesterday. One of Peace United’s long time members, Adrian “Tots” Lunceford, passed away at the age of 95. Funeral visitation will be Friday, May 17, at Peace United Church from 4 PM to 7 PM. Services will be on Saturday, May 18, at 11 AM with visitation one hour before. Prayers for Irma, Craig, Ann and their families at this time.

This coming Sunday is Pentecost according to Luke’s account in “The Acts of the Apostles”. Pentecost is a Jewish Holiday celebrated 50 days after Passover and was a celebration of the first spring crops. For Christians it is the day God and Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to the disciples and their lives are forever changed. Matthew and Mark do not have this story and in the Gospel of John Jesus’ resurrection and ascension and the giving of the Holy Spirit happens on the same day. Which version, Luke’s or John’s, is true? Does it matter? What matters is that lives were changed and the Holy Spirit still changes lives. How have you been changed?

Due to the nature of my life this week I will simply list the scriptures to be read. All have to do with the Holy Spirit in some manner.

Genesis 11:1-19 – The tower of Babel. It fits if you think about the languages of this story and compare them to the Acts reading.

Acts 2:1-21 – THE Pentecost story.

Psalm 104:24-34, 35b – Celebration of God’s creative Spirit. The lectionary committee skipped something bad here.

Roman 8:14-17 – In the Spirit we are children of God and joint heirs with Christ.

John 14:8-17, (25-27) – Jesus promises the Holy Spirit which he gives on resurrection Sunday.

Have a great week in the Spirit of God.

Peace in Christ,
Pastor Gary Taylor

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