Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Were You There?

A member of one of the churches I serve reflects on her granddaughter's cold reception by a church she visited.

Were You There?
Roselyn Eckel

We entered the church
And nothing was heard,
No sound of music
No saying of a word.

All was so silent
Is some one really here?
I saw forms of people
From the front to the rear.

No one turned to see us
Were we really here?
I looked at my family
To me were so dear.

Yes, they made sounds
Like all children do.
We silently sat down
Some by me, some by who?

No one even turned
Or offered a caring smile.
My goodness we are here
Not further away a mile.

There was some preaching
Some singing too –
But where was the gladness
Given to me from you?

We let the building
We felt empty inside
Although we had sung
“Blest Be the Tie”.

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